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Dine - IN

Menayame Kelan Beach

The Secret Beach Bar And Resto At Badung Regency

Semesta Beach Kelan

Hidden paradise on the verge of the runway, white sandy beach, magnificent spectrum of the sunset, fisherman villages you can sail on our sunset cruise, get your rod an exercise, or simply enjoy the fresh catch by the beach under the stars

Warung Happy Gen Bali

Warung Happygen Bali, established on August 27 2017, can be your choice as a place to eat and have a vacation while visiting Bali. Located on Kelan Beach, south of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Badung Bali, it is very suitable to be chosen as a place for recreation, dining, social gathering, parties with friends, family and loved ones in a white sand atmosphere. not only a comfortable place, we also have quality dishes that are extraordinarily delicious,


Local Fisherman

A local fisherman, also known as a fisher, uses equipment like nets, fishing rods, and traps, to catch fish and other marine life that will be consumed by humans or used as animal feed or bait. Some work as members of large crews on big boats in deep water.

Family Time

Family time or time with family is the moment when you and your family members do activities together. Behind this moment, there are a myriad of benefits, both for you, your partner, and your children.

Birthday Party

Birthdays are typically the occasions for delight and feasting. Family and friends get together on the occasion and wish the birthday boy/girl happy returns of the day and present their blessings. They convey their regards with the beautiful presents they bring with themselves


Together forever. Still falling for you harder than ever before. All because two people fell in love. ... Cheers to love and laughter, but especially to our happily ever after. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other


Jalan Segara Madu
Badung, Bali